The Long Beach Veterans Day Parade steps-off at Atlantic Avenue and South Street  at 10am on the Saturday before Veterans Day (November 11th) except when Veterans Day is on Saturday, then on Veterans Day. The Parade proceeds north on Atlantic Avenue to Harding Street. The parade’s formation area is on Atlantic Avenue between 55th Street and South Street. The disbanding areas are on Atlantic Avenue and Harding Street near Houghton Park.
Drop-off Area:At 9:45 the drop-off area will be closed.Drop-off area will be on Atlantic Avenue between Market Street and 55th Street, with egress at 55th Street to Lime Avenue or Linden Avenue. USE OF THE DROP-OFF LANE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Vehicles dropping off entrants will be allowed in the drop-off area for no more than 10 minutes. Vehicles dropping off can exit the drop-off area by going west on 55th Street to Linden Avenue and then going south on Linden Avenue to Market Street or by going east on 55th Street to Lime Avenue. BUSES WILL DROP-OFF ON SOUTH & LINDEN AT ATLANTIC (See below).
Bus Drop-off & Bus Lane: At 9:45 the bus lane will be closed. Buses can drop-off between Linden Avenue and Atlantic Avenue on South Street, using the east bound lane of South Street. USE OF THE BUS LANE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Thebus drop-off lane can be accessed from any street west of Atlantic Avenue. The far west lane of south bound Atlantic Avenue will be used for buses to reach the disband area at Atlantic Avenue and Harding Street. No vehicle will be allowed to stop in the bus lane.  
Formation Area:The Veterans Day Parade forms on Atlantic Avenue between 55th Street and South Street. Step-off is at Atlantic Avenue and South Street at 10am. Only authorized vehicles with proper passes will be allowed in the staging area.  USE OF THE PARADE VEHICLE PASS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Check-in – Units/Entrants/Parade Vehicles: Check-in is located on Atlantic Avenue near 55th Street. All units/entrants are required to have one-member register at check-in after 8:00am but, no later than 9:45am. Units /entrants will be given their number at Check-In. Check-in area can be accessed from Market Street. Parade Vehicles (vehicles actually in the parade) will be allowed past the police barricades into the staging area at 55th Street and Atlantic Avenue if the PARADE VEHICLE PASS is properly displayed.
Information Booth: An Information booth will be on Atlantic Avenue near South Street.                             Disbanding Area: The Disbanding Areas are located on Atlantic Avenue and Harding Street near Houghton Park. USE OF THE DISBANDING AREA IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

        Parking: - PARKING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Spectator parking is in the vacant lots at 61st Street and Atlantic Avenue. Additional parking is available on the streets adjacent to the parade route.  




The Long Beach Veterans Day Committee is not sponsoring or funding the 23rd Annual Long Beach Veterans Day Parade. For more information contact the Long Beach Special Events & Filming Bureau.

(562) 570-5333



23rd Annual  

Saturday, November 9, 2019, 10am


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