Saturday, November 11, 2017, 10am



21st Annual

          Staging:       The Veterans Day Parade stages on South Street between DeForest Avenue and Locust Avenue. Step-off is  at South Street and Locust Avenue at 10am. The Parade proceeds east on South Street to Atlantic Avenue turns north on Atlantic Avenue and proceeds to Harding Street. Only authorized vehicles with proper passes will be allowed in the staging area. USE OF THE PARADE VEHICLE PASS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
          Check-in - Parade Vehicles (vehicles actually in the parade):      Check in at South Street and Dairy Avenue after 8:00am but, no later than 9:45am. The check-in area can be accessed from Market Street by proceeding north on Dairy Avenue to South Street using both lanes. Parade Vehicles (vehicles actually in the parade) will be allowed past the police barricades at Market Street and Dairy Avenue if the PARADE VEHICLE pass is properly displayed.USE OF THE PARADE VEHICLE PASS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
          Check-in - Participant/Entr​ants (nonvehicle entrants):     Check in at Dairy Avenue and South Street after 8:00am but no later than 9:45am.
          Participant Parking - Participant’s Vehicles (vehicles not actually in the parade):     Park in the vacate lot at Artesia Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. PARKING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
         Handicap Parking:     Handicap parking will be in the Michelle Obama Library parking lot between South Avenue and 59th Street off Lime Avenue . .
​          Additional Parking:     Additional parking is available on the streets adjacent to the parade route.


Long Beach